Control Products and Services

VSD Enclosures:

Together we can plan and build your company’s customized VSD enclosures. At Boole we strive to design and build variable speed drive enclosures. Our design process identifies our clients’ needs as priority one. Application of our product knowledge to our customers’ needs allows us to produce a final product that is of a quality design and is reliable. Our drive systems design targets maximizing the life span of the equipment through effective design parameters that help to keep your system cool and clean, thus improving overall efficiency.

PLC & HMI Enclosures:

The design and construction of PLC and HMI enclosures requires the designing company to focus on both the client needs and on the application of solid design standards. The combination of these two elements during the production of the final product is key. At Boole we listen to our clients’ needs. Once these needs have been identified we apply our design philosophy. From here we review the conceptual product and adjust the design where required. Boole designers subscribe to The International Society of Automation standards.

Control Panel Solutions:

Our offering at Boole encompasses a wide variety of custom design and design/build products. Automation and control panel solutions can range from standalone PLC, HMI or VSD panels to a complete system. All designs are tailored to meet the application, our client’s requirements and are fully tested prior to going into operation.