Industrial Systems

Industrial Network Systems:

Today’s modern plants utilize industrial networks to collect information and deliver control. Network infrastructures vary depending on vender and plant considerations. The installation and commissioning of these networks is critical in ensuring minimal downtime and process interruptions. Boole has developed a customized Startup procedure to confirm that media and hardware have been properly installed. We work with our staff or the personnel programming the network controller to verify and confirm the network is operating at peak efficiency.

Legacy Upgrades & Retrofits:

Upgrading from old technology to a current level brings with it challenges and obstacles. At Boole we have completed multiple legacy upgrade projects and understand the issues involved for both end user and vender. The path to a successful upgrade is in the details. Review of hardware and software requirements, compatibility with existing legacy equipment, engineering review and an upgrade path is our approach. This method allows us to avoid the unforeseen issues that can arise during the upgrade process.

Power Systems:

Our Engineers at Boole have over 25 years of experience in the electrical power field. Our areas of expertise with a strong working knowledge include: power systems for the utility, oil, petroleum, gas, and mining sectors.  At Boole, we incorporate the current regulation and codes, including Canadian Electrical Codes, National Electrical Codes, IEEE, API, and NFPA, and industry best practices.

Installation, Maintenance & Repair:

Boole provides site services for industrial control systems. Installation, repair and troubleshooting are at the core of our site services offering. Our team also offers preventive maintenance plans that can be utilized to minimize unforeseen equipment failure. Boole offers preventive maintenance services during planned shutdowns to prevent costly downtime and keep your system running efficiently.